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Pupil Premium

Pupil premium 2016/2017


Allocation and impact: 2016/2017


In 2016/2017 the school was allocated pupil premium of £32,040 for pupils from military families, those in current or past receipt of free school meals and those for whom Looked After status applied.


We used our pupil premium to:


  • Continue to employ a teaching assistant to work one to one or with a small group of SEN pupils to ensure best progress
  • Contribute towards the funding to maintain a full time teaching assistant in each class allowing pupils to be welcomed & settled into school, transitions  to be well managed and small group work to be undertaken to ensure good progress, well-being and motivation
  • Ensure that pupils to whom the funding applied could attend residential and other out of school visits should parents financial circumstances prevent them funding such visits
  • Purchase additional SEN resources and assessment materials to ensure that on arrival assessment readily informed planning and resources, e.g. word shark, were available for catch up programmes.
  • Allow children to gain the nutrition al benefits of fruit (and milk at KS1) to try to ensure pupils were able to concentrate on learning tasks


As a result of these measures pupils gained experiences, were readily assessed and their needs catered for leading to most pupil premium pupils, who were in the school for more than half of the year, making at least expected progress.  Transition to secondary school or new primary school places was well managed and feedback indicates that pupils were well prepared and ready to learn.



Allocation: 2017/2018


The school has been  allocated a Pupil premium budget of £36,200 for pupils from military families, those in current or past receipt of free school meals and those for whom Looked After status applied.


Pupils who fall within these categories have needs ranging from dealing with emotional turbulence, a temporary slowing of progress due to frequent location moves, less opportunity for enriching experiences due to low income or issues in maintaining attention within the classroom due to specified conditions.


Thus we plan to spend our pupil premium as follows:


  • 5% SEN resources supporting educational catch up  
  • 10% Supplementing trips and activities eg ensuring pupils are able to attend residential trips , class trips; supporting engagement and enrichment eg  in shared activities between home and school
  • 65% Teaching Assistants, including SEN TA, to support settling in, emotional wellbeing, educational ‘catch up’, development of friendship and communication with families leading to enhanced chances of good progress with small classes with high adult pupil ratios.
  • 12 % to maintain ELSA standards for all TAs in each class
  • 8% to promote wellbeing.


The impact of these measures will be assessed via our ongoing formative and summative assessments, pupil feedback, observation and professional judgement as well as parental comment. Governors will be made aware of the impact of funding via the curriculum committee who monitor the progress of all pupils.


We will review the impact of the strategies put in place in April 2018.