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Rushall CE VA School


 At Rushall our intent is to create an environment whereby a love of reading, writing and the ability to articulate your thoughts enables children to develop culturally, emotionally and academically.


English Long Term Planning 2022 - 23


Reading Intent

  • All children to be fluent, confident readers able to successfully comprehend a wide range of texts.  
  • To cultivate a love of reading to develop greater knowledge across all learning areas. 
  • We encourage all pupils to read widely to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and the world in which they live.  
  • To provide high-quality, vocabulary-rich reading material across the curriculum. 

Rushall Reading Strategy

Rushall Reading Curriculum

Reading Spine 2022 - 23



Writing Intent

  • All children are encouraged to develop into enthusiastic writers who express themselves through a love of language and the written word.  
  • All children to be articulate and imaginative communicators able to write for a range of audiences using appropriate grammar, punctuation and spelling. 
  • To use a text-based approach, linked to high-quality, challenging texts, enabling children to become familiar with a wide range of writing conventions. 
  • Texts specifically chosen for our whole-class reading approach to ensure engagement with writing tasks that are specific and meaningful.


Rushall Writing Curriculum



World Book Day Costume Parade



Poetry Slam


Macbeth performance


Readathon - We raised £940 for charity