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Rushall CE VA School

Our Religious Education and Collective Worship

RE at Rushall CE Primary School.

Rushall CE Primary School is a Church of England School.  This is not just our name, it is fundamental to our identity.  Our school has a distinctive Christian vision based around our Ethos of "With Christ can..." and our core value of courage.

We live out this ethos in school through our vision statement "Step forward, with courage, to achieve beyond expectations".  This encapsulates everything we do as a school.  Aspiration for our children through our Christian ethos and vision is delivered through our curriculum plans for learning and through our values that the children live their lives by in school and beyond.

The bible verse that underpins our Christian ethos is from Philippians Chapter 3 verse 14.  It states "I can do all this through Christ who gives me strength". St Paul, the apostle made it his mission to spread the word of Jesus far and wide after the crucifixion and resurrection. He set up a church at Philippi (in modern day Greece) and regularly sent letters of encouragement back to the people there.  It is from one of these letters encouraging the Philippians to show strength and courage in adversity that our verse is taken from.


Our core value: Courage


And through this core value, we show our other values:


Respect  - be courageous to treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves

Kindness - be courageous and show kindness to all, not just our friends

Togetherness - be courageous to embrace new people and make them part of the Rushall Family

Perseverance -  be courageous and NEVER give up


This is Rushall Primary School.  This is us. To quote one of our ex pupils, "I love this school and can't imagine not being here."


Collective Worship at Rushall Primary School


At Rushall CE Primary School, the children participate in a daily act of worship (that many people know as "assembly"). The children mostly gather together as a whole school, but once a week will stay in classes for their act of worship.  At the start of the collective worship, we light a candle and say special words...


The candle is lit...Jesus is with us.


The children are encouraged to participate in the worship and once a term, our Worship Group will lead the collective worship for the whole school.  We are very fortunate to welcome members of our local community, known as "Open the Book", who help the children to perform bible stories once a week.  We also enjoy our celebration collective worship every Friday morning to which the parents and carers are invited, we hold a singing worship once a week and also confront spiritual and moral questions in class groups through "Picture News".


Our collective worship follows the "Roots and Fruits" programme which addresses 12 distinct Christian values across a two year cycle.  Once a term our Worship Group hold a collective worship that the children themselves plan and lead.  The children decide on the content and message for their worship to fit in with the current collective worship theme.