We welcome you to our Celebration Assesmbly on Friday mornings at 9.15am in the school hall - refreshments are available from 9.00am
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Rushall CE VA SchoolWith Christ We Can

Welcome toRushall CE VA SchoolWith Christ We Can

Collective Worship and Religious Education

RE at Rushall CE Primary School.

Rushall CE Primary School is a Church of England School.  This is not just our name, it is fundamental to our identity.  Our school has a distinctive Christian vision based around our Ethos of "With Christ can..." and our core value of courage.

We live out this ethos in school through our vision statement "Step forward, with courage, to achieve beyond expectations".  This underpins everything we do as a school.  Aspiration for our children through our Christian ethos and vision is delivered through our curriculum plans for learning and through our values that the children live their lives by in school and beyond.


Our core value: Courage


And through this core value, we show our other values:


Respect  - be courageous to treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves

Kindness - be courageous and show kindness to all, not just our friends

Togetherness - be courageous to embrace new people and make them part of the Rushall Family

Perseverance -  be courageous and NEVER give up


This is Rushall Primary School.  This is us. To quote one of our ex pupils, "I love this school and can't imagine not being here."


Collective Worship at Rushall Primary School


At Rushall CE Primary School, the children participate in a daily act of worship (that many people know as "assembly"). The children mostly gather together as a whole school, but once a week will stay in classes for their act of worship.  At the start of the collective worship, we light a candle and say special words...


The candle is lit...Jesus is with us.


The children are encouraged to participate in the worship and once a term, our Worship Group will lead the collective worship for the whole school.  We are very fortunate to welcome members of our local community, known as "Open the Book", who help the children to perform bible stories once a week.  We also enjoy our celebration collective worship every Friday morning to which the parents and carers are invited, we hold a singing worship once a week and also confront spiritual and moral questions in class groups through "Picture News".


Our collective worship follows the "Roots and Fruits" programme which addresses 12 distinct Christian values across a two year cycle.

Our RE curriculum overview

Our Christian vision underpins our curriculum decisions and how we deliver the learning in our school.  We plan opportunities for our pupils to hear about acts of courage both historically and in the present day. Through understanding how Courageous Actions can positively change the world both locally and globally, we show the children that no-one is too small to make a difference

Our Vision Statement: At Rushall, we step forward with courage to achieve beyond expectations

Our school ethos:        With Christ we can

Our biblical verse:

"I can do all this through Christ who strengthens me"

Phillipians 4:13

Our inspirational figure: David

Our School Vision

Members of our Worship Team reflect on our vision and how it can help us.

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

See the wonder in the little things and let the joy of nature and the Hope of Spring lift your soul.

Shine Your Light (Music Video) - Kiri and Lou
Kiri and Lou fall down a hole into a cave, and are guided to safety by some singing glow worms. This Candlemas, we reflect how we can shine our lights and act as beacons to help others in the darkness.

Vision Day


Bubbles and Butterflies Prayer Space (Transition & Change)

Creation - Sunburst Class enjoying our wonderful planet, barefoot walking, grass swimming and sky-gazing!

Use Your Voice Worships

Easter Week - please see our News and Galleries page for more pictures!

"God is a friend of silence. His language is silence."

Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Children often need extra help today to relax, concentrate, and find comfort. A wonderful way to get that extra help is through prayer and meditation. While meditation doesn’t need to have anything to do with religion, in Rushall we also practice Christian Meditation.
Christian Meditation 

"nurtures young people’s ability to retain a sense of wonder in their lives, and encourages others to do the same.

Before we, as adults, are able to join in this work, though, we have to acknowledge our own forgetfulness and distraction. It’s not a question of us teaching them anything, but rather of us learning from their simplicity." - " For children it is more straightforward. They are happy to sit down together in silence, let go of their thoughts and simply enjoy the experience of meditating." - " Children meditate together as naturally as they play together. They enjoy the simple discipline with its few clear rules." - "The simple routine brings with it a peace and calmness in an otherwise busy and noisy day and the children are the first to appreciate the advantage of taking time out. It has become clear that many children instinctively value this pure ‘prayer of the heart’." (from Christian Meditation in the UK)



Like other forms of meditation, Christian meditation involves sitting still with eyes closed, focusing the mind by silently repeating the ancient Christian word, Maranatha (Come Lord), and mindfully returning the consciousness to the word when the mind drifts

♥♥ Giant Sea Turtles in Coral Reef (3 hours)

Our Reflection Poem at the end of school year 2019-20

(Mrs Ward)

During this time, we have not been able to... see everyone in school together at the same time

but we have... loved getting to know you all better via Tapestry and Seesaw.

(Stardust Bubble)

During this time, we have not been able to... see out our time at primary school as we usually would

but we have... been impressed with how well we have coped and supported each other.

 (Moonbeam Bubble)

During this time, we have not been able to... learn with our teachers and peers

but we have...been able to learn with our families remotely.

(Sunrise Year 2 Bubble)

During this time, we have not been able to... see our friends and family

but we have... managed to share quality time together via Face Time or Skype using other technology .

(The Godden Family)

During this time, we have not been able to... go to school

but we have...played in the garden and gone for walks.


During this time, we have not been able to... go to the park

but we have... played football

(Sunrise Year 1 Bubble)

During this time, we have not been able to... hug our friends or play tag

but we have...

enjoyed playing outside in the garden with our friends in our bubble.

(Sunburst Bubble)

During this time, we have not been able to... play with our friends

but we have... enjoyed walks with our families

(Mrs Miles)

During this time, we have not been able to... do things how we normally would

but we have... been flexible, creative and tried doing things in a new way